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Tallaght Person of the Year Awards 2019

Recognising the Unsung Heroes in Tallaght - Saturday 16th November 2019 Red Cow Hotel

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About Us

Tallaght Person of the Year is a community run awards programme to recognise and celebrate unsung heroes, volunteers and active members of the community across various walks of life in Tallaght. It was created by Charles and Mary Morton in 1984, and the first awards were held in The Belgard Inn, with Garret Fitzgerald as the special guest.

It was handed over to the Tallaght Community Council in 1986 and it has been run by community volunteers for almost 30 years now, making it one of the highlights of the Tallaght calendar ever since. The current Tallaght Person of the Year is Gar Tyrrell, Gar does an incredible job as a climate action officer. 


Appreciate, Recognise and Nominate - Between now and Oct 


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Unsung Heroes