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Alzheimer's drug shown to slow cognitive decline

Experts have hailed the "beginning of the end" in the search for effective Alzheimer's treatments after a new drug reduced memory decline among patients with early stages of the disease.

Gardaí renew appeal over murder of taxi driver in 1997

Gardaí have renewed an appeal for information in relation to the murder of a Galway taxi driver 25 years ago today.

Companies report success with trial of four-day week

A research project that saw a four-day working week being trialled across 12 businesses has been deemed a success by both the companies and employees involved.

Former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin dead at 96

China's former leader Jiang Zemin - who steered the country through a transformational era from the late 1980s and into the new millennium - has died this morning at the age of 96.

World's largest volcano shoots lava 60 metres high

Fountains of lava up to 60 metres high have been fired into the air from Hawaii's Mauna Loa, geologists have said, generating rivers of molten rock from the world's largest active volcano.

US woman reunited with her family 51 years after kidnap

Half a century after Melissa Highsmith was kidnapped as a little girl, she has reunited with her family in a confluence of events she is calling "a Christmas miracle".

Two male Indonesian soldiers jailed for having sex

Two male Indonesian soldiers have been given a seven-month jail term for having sex with each other, which is banned by the nation's military as "inappropriate behaviour".

Chinese police clash with Covid protesters in Guangzhou

People in China's southern manufacturing hub of Guangzhou clashed with white hazmat-suited riot police last night, videos on social media showed.

Flu actively circulating in community – Mills

The public has been asked to help prevent the spread of flu, as the latest figures show that it is now actively circulating in the community.

Dept begins review of special needs education

The Department of Education has begun a review of the legislation that provides for education for children and young people with special educational needs.

EU seeks tribunal to probe possible Russian war crimes

The European Union will try to set up a specialised court, backed by the United Nations, to investigate and prosecute possible war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

Twitter stops enforcing Covid-19 misinformation policy

Twitter said it has stopped enforcing a policy intended to prevent the spread of Covid misinformation, as new owner Elon Musk, who has clashed previously with US officials over pandemic safety rules, continues to remake its content moderation policies.

'Sticky problem': DCU samples to be sent to moon

Polymer and metal samples developed in a lab at Dublin City University (DCU) will be launched to the moon tomorrow aboard a new lunar rover to study the way moon dust sticks to different surfaces.

Trump ordered to testify in defamation case

Donald Trump must testify in April as part of a defamation lawsuit brought by a woman who says he raped her in the 1990s, a court said.

Struggle for homeless to get on housing lists - charity

A homeless charity in Dublin says many of its clients are trapped in emergency accommodation because they are struggling to get on to a local authority housing list.

Abhaile mortgage arrears scheme extended for a year

The Government has extended the scheme which aims to support families struggling with mortgage arrears.

Former Australian PM censured over secret ministries

Australia's parliament has this morning voted to censure former prime minister Scott Morrison after an inquiry found his secret appointment to multiple ministries during the Covid-19 pandemic undermined trust in government.

US Senate votes to protect same-sex marriage

The US Senate has passed a landmark bill protecting same-sex marriage, as lawmakers from both parties moved to forestall the possibility of the conservative-led Supreme Court taking away this right as it did with abortion.

Climate change hits wood supply for musical instruments

Stroking a tiny spruce sapling, Swiss forest ranger Francois Villard fears the tree will not withstand global warming and live to a ripe old age like its ancestors.

'His face is destroyed' - Brother of dog attack victim

The brother of a young boy who was attacked by a dog in Co Wexford at the weekend has said he hopes he will be able to talk again but "we don't know for sure".