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Bohemian Football Club

Football in Dublin City since 1890

Bohemian Football Club
Dalymount Park
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The Bohemian Football Club History

When a small group of aspiring footballers met at the North Circular Road Gate Lodge in the Phoenix Park on 6 September 1890, they formed a club to partake in the fledgling Dublin scene of association football. On this day, the Bohemian Football Club was born.

Formed in the year before the death of Charles Stewart Parnell, the birth of Bohemians coincided with one of the most turbulent periods in Irish history, which culminated in the Great War, the 1916 Rising and the Irish Revolution.

The young men who established the Bohemian Football Club would go on to lead decorated and diverse careers in the civil service, military, education, medical and legal professions and religious orders, to name but a few.

A cohort of young college students in their late teens or early twenties, they came from a variety of religious backgrounds and counties as far apart as Cork and Antrim.

It is likely that they would have taken opposing views of the great political questions of the day, given their respective life paths and choices of allegiance.

Nonetheless, the spirit with which they formed, established and developed their football club made an enduring impact on the city in which they lived and the sport which they played.

The growth of Bohemian Football Club provided a unique distraction from everyday life. It afforded the opportunity of channelling time and energy into a positive means of professional and personal development.


Membership of Bohemian FC gives you:

  • One equal share in the ownership of the Bohemian FC
  • Annual membership card
  • The right to attend and vote at all general meetings
  • The honour of standing in club elections (after at least three years' service)
  • The right to apply for associate membership for your spouse, and, (if under 16) your siblings, sons or daughters
  • Free admission to the main stand for all Bohemian FC home games (not including cup fixtures)
  • Regular official club communications including annual report
  • Priority access to match tickets and club events
  • Your chance to follow in some famous footsteps and play your part in this great club’s history.

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