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Start Innovating

The Start Innovating Creativity Shop

Start Innovating
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About Us

When is a toy not a toy or a game more then just a game? When it helps you develop your brain. It is our intention to stimulate the brain, in turn stimulating creativity resulting in increased innovation output while also having fun and a laugh.

StartInnovating was originally a business consultancy designed to bring ideation programmes to business. Noticing a core problem with creativity possibly as a result of lifestyle, technology use and education system our managing director wrote the book Innovation Demystified, a guide to personal creativity planning. With ever growing interest in this area we looked for new ways to contribute to helping people overcome blockages to creativity and so started The Start Innovating Creativity Shop.

Our products are more then just games they are tools. Take for example Gigamic's Gobblet a simple to learn game that challenges you to think strategically and remember which players cup is under your cup, thus stretching the memory.

We recognise that times are difficult for people and so have worked hard to get high quality product lines and offer them at very competitive prices. Note for example some of our triple packs are giving very generous discounts. We also have a section that will allow you to suggest a product you would like and if there is enough interest in a product we will seek it out for you.

The Brain

Where is humanities next frontier, is it at one of the poles, beneath the ocean or out among the stars? What if the next journey to the centre of the earth or 20,000 leagues under the sea was in fact to get an understanding of our selves, our brains. Brains are a product of the universe and for answers about the universe we should look no further then the end of our noses. Brains are an amazing evolution, an evolution that is on going to today – so be careful as your action or inaction may impact the evolution and or survival of the species.

We are concerned that people are loosing our ability to use our brain power, becoming num and it is the fault of our life styles and so called advanced technology. As we become homolaptopicus we are losing what makes us human. As we use our brain's to remember storage addresses for external data and we hold little ourselves we become nothing more then signposts, disketts and data points.

The brain is able to reprogramme rewire itself to some extent and in the event pathways are not used over time it shuts them down. Consider a dirt road through a gloomy forest as it becomes disused grass and other plants spring up and eventually the road is lost. However if the was "exercised" every now and again it would at least remain usable.

To this end we have created five categories on the site to develop key areas of the brain. These categories are:

  • Critical thinking
  • Coordination
  • Memory
  • Visual perception
  • Word and math skills


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The Brain