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Christian Publication Centre

100 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 2

Christian Publication Centre
100 Middle Abbey Street
01 8726754
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About Us

Christian Publication Centre exists to provide resources for spiritual transformation with a biblical basis. Each member of staff has encountered Jesus Christ in a real and meaningful way and they are always glad to help others who are searching for spiritual answers.

CPC is locally known as the Christian shop.  We are a non-denominational trust with a charitable status. CPC has been trading since 1968 and has developed considerably down through the years mainly through word of mouth and passing trade. It has always been a popular resort for those who want an affordable card with a meaningful message.

Our Services

We supply an extensive range of Bibles and Christian based books dealing with such issues as relationships, biography, recovery, biblical spirituality and healing. We also carry a good variety of childrens books, bibles and novelties. If we don't have it on the shelf we will do our best to get it for you as cheap and as fast as possible.

Christian Publication Centre is also widely known for its card and gift products. We sell cards for almost every occasion but we are particularly known for a range of encouragement and support cards imported from the USA. A lot of people still feel that there is no substitute for a hand written card with an uplifting message when it comes to supporting a friend or loved one through a crisis.

We also provide a selection of gifts for family occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, retirement and birth as well as seasonal products for Christmas, Mother's day and Easter.