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Connect Ireland
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What is Connect Ireland

Connectireland is an innovative way to create new jobs in Ireland by harnessing the power of our global connections. Our mission is to attract companies which are expanding internationally to locate in Ireland and create new jobs for the Irish economy.

We have been appointed by the Irish Government and IDA Ireland to deliver theSucceed in Ireland Initiative which is part of the Irish Government’s 2012 Action Plan for jobs.

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A Smart Approach

Ireland is a fantastic place to do business. Forbes Magazine ranks Ireland the Best Country for Business in Europe. IBM’s 2011 Global Location Trends report ranks Ireland as the top destination in the world by quality and value of investments. Many of the world’s biggest companies have chosen to locate their European or international operations in Ireland.

Now we want to get the message out to smaller companies that are expanding internationally. Once they realise the advantages of Ireland, they too will locate here and create new jobs. 

Ireland has a massive global network of family, friends and connections, many of whom have contacts in companies that are expanding internationally. Through ConnectIreland, everyone can support Ireland by connecting our team to any of these expanding companies. 

We have a dedicated professional team of 30 based in Kilkenny, Ireland, who are the central point of contact for all introductions. Our team also includes experienced foreign direct investment specialists to work with companies and help them understand why they should choose Ireland. A financial reward is available for each successful introduction that leads to job creation. This reward is payable by ConnectIreland on behalf of the Irish Government, through the Succeed in Ireland initiative. 

ConnectIreland complements the existing work of IDA Ireland, the agency responsible for foreign direct investment to Ireland. IDA Ireland has been hugely successful in attracting many of the biggest multinationals in the world to Ireland. ConnectIreland helps extend the reach of IDA Ireland by attracting the smaller companies to Ireland.

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