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Integration through Sports, Arts& Culture

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About Us

Unitas ISAC Limited is a non-profit organization setup and run by Indian Diaspora in Dublin, Ireland. Indian Diaspora of about 35 million people scattered in over 160 countries is one of the largest groups in the world. Descendants of Indians migrated all over the world carried culture and traditions of India with them; that continues to flourish globally till today. Unitas ISAC Limited specializes in celebration of major Indian Festivals in Ireland to promote culture to embrace unity in diversity.

Our Vision

To Integrate diverse culture of Indian Diaspora in Ireland and to embrace unity in diversity through common community platform.

Our Mission

  • To provide a common community platform for Integration by Culture, Arts, Sports and Support.
  • Culture – Promote cultural interchange and help people appreciate the broader perspective of Indian festivals
  • Arts – Spread the awareness of Indian Arts by forming an academy of Indian art, which can help people experience through workshops, training sessions and exhibits. Enable the rich and exciting experience of Indian Arts to reach the widest possible audience
  • Sports – Enabling integration through social sports activities among diverse population in Ireland .
  • Supporting Community – Create a common platform for the community to benefit each other and enable people to lead good initiatives for the society

Our Strength

UNITAS ISAC’s strength is its volunteers. We have around 20 Core volunteers and around 80+ volunteers to support the team on an on-going basis. Without the support and passion of our volunteers our success would have been just a dream.

Our History

UNITAS ISAC takes pride in organising intercultural and integrative activities. We have celebrated Festival of Lights (www.festivaloflights.ie) and Festival of Colours (www.festivalofcolors.ie) in Ireland on a grand scale for the first time.

  • Festival of Lights (Diwali) was celebrated in RDS on November 2010. Over 2000 people enjoyed the festival. Festival included 6+ hours of stage performances, food stalls selling Indian food (South, North, East and West), kids entertainment and a firework display.
  • Festival of Colors (Holi) was celebrated in Tallaght in association with Fossett Circus on 19th March 2011. Over 900 people enjoyed the festival and colors. Festival included 6+ hours of music, entertainment, food stalls and non-food stalls.
  • UNITAS ISAC members were proud to be part of St.Patrick’s Day 2011 parade in Dublin. Also a second team from UNITAS ISAC participated in the St.Patrick’s Day parade organised by South Dublin County Council in Tallaght.
  • We also specialise in organising fun filled Social Sports events for professionals, amateurs and families such as Beach Cricket, Smash-and-Dash Cricket, Badminton Day Out and Tennis Tournaments
  • The first ever Beach Cricket Festival in Ireland was organised by our team in association with Dundalk Cricket Club at Bettystown-Laytown beaches. A total of eight teams of six participated, 11 exciting games were played in 3 hours. A sum of €400 was raised for charity on the day.

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