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Guinness Storehouse

Home of Guinness Dublin

Guinness Storehouse
St Jame's Gate
Fax: 01 4084965
01 4084800
Today's Hours: 9:30AM - 5:00PM
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About Us

Come and explore Ireland's number one tourist attraction, providing an unforgettable welcome and a magical journey deep into the heart of the world famous GUINNESS® brand and company.  This historical building is central to Dublin's and Ireland's heritage and has been continually updated to create a blend of fascinating industrial tradition with a contemporary edge.  The seven floors bring to life the rich heritage of GUINNESS®, telling the story from its origins here at St. Jame's Gate in Dublin to its growth as a global brand, known all around the world.

Inside the Storehouse

Your experience starts by standing at the bottom of the world's largest pint glass, which rises up through the centre of the seven storey building. If full, the giant pint glass atrium would hold 14.3 million pints of GUINNESS®.

GUINNESS® Treats & Memorabilia
At the end of your journey, as you arrive back at the ground floor, you will also see the GUINNESS® Store across the Atrium. Here you will find an emporium of treats, GUINNESS® casual wear and memorabilia.

Ingedients and the Craft of Brewing
GUINNESS® stout is made from four natural ingredients - water, barley, hops and yeast. Follow our Master Brewer, Fergal Murray, as he guides you step by step through the brewing process.

Cooperate and Transportation
GUINNESS® beer became loved around the world because it retained its wonderful flavour, even after the long and arduous journeys of yesteryear.

Advertising and Sponsorship
GUINNESS® has a long tradition of award winning advertising. This advertising is celebrated in our Advertising Gallery, which contains the stories of popular GUINNESS® icons from the toucan to the television advertisements.

Crafting the Perfect Pints
On the fourth floor we invite you to pour your very own Perfect Pint of GUINNESS®. Our experienced GUINNESS® Ambassadors will teach you the craft of pouring the Perfect Pint; you will receive a certificate, exclusive to GUINNESS STOREHOUSE®, to show to your friends and family at home. And of course you can enjoy your perfect pint over-looking the Brewery in our dedicated Perfect Pint Bar.

Cooking, Eating, Celebrating
There is a long tradition of using GUINNESS® stout in cooking and as an accompaniment to food. All our classic dishes in the Brewery Bar, for example our world famous Beef and GUINNESS® stew, are made by our dedicated catering team with years of experience in cooking with GUINNESS®.

Gravity® Bar
When you reach GRAVITY® Bar, as many have said, you have truly reached the top of the world. We invite you to sit, relax and enjoy your perfect pint of GUINNESS® while taking in the breath-taking panoramic 360° views

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