Dublin City Liffey Swim

Dublin City Liffey Swim Time: Times Vary
Location: River Liffey
Address: Dublin (Ath Cliath)
Category: Sports
Dublin City Liffey Swim
River Liffey, Saturday 1st September 2018
The 99th annual Dublin City Liffey Swim is unique in that Dublin is the only capital country in Europe to have a swimming race through the middle of the city. The Dublin City Liffey Swim is the highlight of the open sea swimming season and in particular for the native Dubliners there is something special about being able to swim down the Liffey. This also provides a great spectacle for the Dublin public who line the quays, boardwalks and bridges along the mile and a quarter course to catch a glimpse of this unique event.

Date:Saturday 1st September 2018Time:1.30pmPrice:€20 - €80Address:Rory O' More Bridge, Sráid Watling, Dublin, Ireland


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