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Charity 25

Text 2WILLDO to 57802 to donate 2 euro a month

Charity 25
A&C Foundation
Gurteen House
Bothar Bui
094 98 77766
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About Charity 25

Charity 25 is part of the A&C Foundation which is an Irish registered charity who’s patron is the loving Mrs Brown and is sponsored by leading Irish pet food website, petfood.ie. Charity 25 was set up to raise money for 25 Irish charities on a collective basis via it’s €2WILLDO text campaign where €1.94 of every €2.00 raised is divided equally between all 25 Irish charities.

Founder Kevin O’Brien who is CEO of the A & C Foundation, believes that charity begins at home and with the kind co-operation of all the major mobile phone operators in Ireland today along with the help of leading Irish mobile phone service provider Phonovation Ltd, Irish people for the first time donate money in one single text that will be equally be split between 25 Irish National charities at no cost or subscription fee to any of their charity partners.

It’s important to remember that all the mobile phone operators and the service provider have waivered their normal fees, ensuring that €1.94 of every €2.00 donated via Charity 25’s €2WILLDO text campaign is equally distributed between all charity members. The remaining €0.06 cent is a legally required administration fee charged by the phone operators to ensure that full tracking of the amount of donations is kept for auditing purposes.

Being a fully audited charity, Charity 25 have selected a wide range of charities that offer and provide various essential services on a national basis to people right across Ireland. Charity is run by a dedicated team of professional who donate their time and services free of charge ensuring that all money collected from the €2WILLDO text campaign is divided equally between all charity 25 members.

Charity 25 are encouraging anyone who is over 18 years old with a mobile phone to be part of this truly unique opportunity where for a mere €2 per month, donors can help thousands of people in Ireland who through no fault of their own have to meet the daily challenges that life throws at them. For less than ½ the price of a pint of Guinness or a ¼ the price of a packet of cigarettes, your donation can and will make the difference and we at Charity 25 will make sure of that and will update you on our progress each month on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages so don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW US on Twitter.

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